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Solar System Prices and Savings

The actual cost of a solar system is dependent on many variables such as the choice of solar panels, the quality of the inverter, what type of roof you would like the system installed on etc but as a general rule a small system will cost you in the region of £3500 and that rises up to around £6500 for the largest 4Kw domestic solar system.

Our service allows you to ensure that you get the best price possible as all of the trusted companies we put you in contact with know that they are competing against other MCS accredited installers.

It is not just the potential £1000's tax free you could earn through the feed in tariff that makes a photovoltaic solar system an amazing investment but also that the system will help to SAVE YOU UP TO 50% on your electricity bill. In today’s climate of ever spiralling electricity, oil and gas prices who would not want that.

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