Grants and the Feed in Tariff

The feed in tariff, introduced in April 2010, is a government backed scheme designed to encourage individuals to install solar panels on their homes. Although the Feed in Tariff is backed by the Government they do not fund the scheme with tax payer's money instead the money to pay for it comes from the energy companies who inevitably pass on this cost to their customers in higher energy prices.

As of August 1st 2012 for your house to be able to get the full 15.44p Feed in Tariff you will need to get a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Advantages of the Feed in Tariff

  • Receive money for Every Kilowatt that You Produce.
  • Get an Additional money for Each Exported Kilowatt to the National Grid.
  • Government Backed and Guaranteed for 20 Years
  • Index Linked to Inflation
  • All Income is Tax Free

This all means that the feed in tariff represents an incredible opportunity to those who are able to take advantage of it by offering an amazing RETURN ON INVESTMENT that not many financial products can match.

With these kind of returns and them being guaranteed for 20 years it is no surprise that the feed in tariff caused a huge uptake in home owners installing solar systems on their properties.

To qualify for the feed in tariff the government has stated that your system must be installed by an accredited MCS installer. To be put in contact with these and compare prices and system outputs fill in the simple form to the right and let Trusted Solar Prices do the hard work for you.

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