Energy Performance Certificate and Solar Power

What is an Energy Performance Certificate? - This certificate, also known as an EPC, gives your home an energy efficiency rating based on individual key elements e.g. does your home have cavity wall insulation, double glazing or loft insulation.

Why Do I Need an EPC? - For a number of years it has been a requirement for any house bought, sold or rented to have an EPC and as from 1st April 2012 to qualify for the full Feed-in Tariff of 15.44p a home is required to have an EPC with a rating of D or above, around 90% of homes achieve this with no additional work.

What if My Home's Rating is Too Low? - You can improve the rating of your home by installing some cavity wall and loft insulation, low energy light bulbs and the solar panels themselves contribute so do not worry. All our suppliers have access to our FREE cavity wall and loft insulation and discounted low energy light bulbs so most homes will be eligible for the D rating and the 15.44p FIT. You must get your EPC rating of D or better before you apply for the feed-in tariff, which you do following its installation, as the 15.44p is not retrospective. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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How Can I Improve My Energy Efficiency? - When you get an EPC the certificate will state your energy rating plus the house's potential rating with recommendations. These recommendations can include insulation, heating controls, boiler replacement, double glazing depending on how the house was rated.

Do I Need an EPC Before Contacting You? - No you do not, we can help to put you in touch with trusted MCS installers that will be able to help you to get your Energy Performance Certificate with many now offering an EPC as part of the home solar survey.

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